Korali RL Viewer


Plots the result of RL experiments and allows for comparing multiple results simultaneously.

Syntax: python3 -m korali.rlview [--dir (RESULTS_DIR1 RESULTS_DIR2 ...)] [--minReward 1.00] [--maxReward 1.00] [--updateFrequency 1.00] [--test] [--check]


  • --dir specifies the source path(s) of Korali results to plot, separated by space. By default: _korali_result/

  • --minReward specifies the lower bound on the y-axis (reward)

  • --minReward specifies the upper bound on the y-axis (reward)

  • --updateFrequency specifies the how often should the plotter show live updates

  • --test verifies that the tool works, without plotting to screen.

  • --check verifies that the tool is correctly installed, for testing purposes.